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I will start out by saying this is NOT about health insurance! But, I don’t think you can be a health care professional without being just a little curious about insurance practices in other places….such a hot and significant issue on so many levels.  So, yes, I have asked questions and I have discovered an issue here that illustrates a difference than what is found in the U.S. This has stirred me to reflect on how I prioritize, budget, plan, and share.

I obviously do not understand all about health coverage here in the Philippines, however, one thing I have discovered is that if hospitalized, one cannot go home until your bill is paid…IN FULL.  This means that if you are ready for discharge, you still cannot go home, until paid, which means staying, which means the bill continues to go up.  If you have insurance, this means all copays, deductibles must be paid.  If you don’t have insurance, it means the full bill.  

I am going to avoid the whole debate on whether this is right or wrong, effective or not….I just am not informed enough to do that.  However, I witness what the Filipino citizens do here and it does make me reflect on the idea of family and community.  Families and friends put their money together (as much as they are able) and collect the funds to pay the bills.  It can be a struggle to take care of our most immediate family, making sure everyone is fed, clothed, roof over our head, etc. So am I ready when another expense gets thrown into the mix?  

That is all about money priorities, but then there is the health priority too.  Do I do everything I need to do to prevent the need for going to the hospital?  Accidents happen, we cannot control all of our health issues, but we can do everything we can to be healthy and practice prevention.

Like I said this in not about the insurance, but just some thoughts to reflect on. Would I be able to help a family member or friend with health care issues?  Do I have myself and family prepared financially for health care?  Am I practicing healthy living?  


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