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The Journey Continues at Home

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Image   I have returned home, and can’t believe it has been almost  2 weeks!  Resetting the body clock, along with getting back to work and settling into home have made the past 2 weeks just fly by.  But, it’s time to refocus and begin pulling my ideas, experiences, and plans together and prepare for my Oral Defense – yes, it’s time!  Reality set in with an email Thursday “inviting” me to defend my DNP project with my committee!  A little scary, but who doesn’t love an invitation?


I came home from the Philippines with quite a bit more than I had upon arrival, one suitcase and a carry-on suddenly became a cart full of luggage!  However, I would need more luggage than this to contain my ideas, my thoughts, my experiences, and my hopes for future work with my new found friends and colleagues across the ocean.  My DNP project is very focused and very specific to reflect the knowledge and experience gained as I have progressed through my doctoral studies.  But it is exciting to contemplate where this may lead!  I see my project growing into possibly a long-term collaborative work with the medical teams in the Philippines, maybe a connection with my brother’s work – so many possibilities!  

For now though, it’s time for the next step in this journey! Prep for the Orals!  My MacBook will be my best friend and constant companion for the next few days! Hanggáng sa mulî!Image

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