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Road to the DNP

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Ecstatic, relieved, happy…long sigh…fulfilled, content…maybe feeling like a cartwheel?  I have submitted my final Practicum Log & Journal in my doctoral program!

I am a little sad that I have not kept up with my blog over the past few months, but when balancing everything, some things just had to go to the bottom of the list.  It’s time to pick this back up though and share more of my journey.

I mention balance, and that has been a GINORMOUS lesson throughout my studies.  (Yes, ginormous is a word; I checked it out on the Internet!) The title and purpose of my blog really says it all, there are many facets to my life, each important, each sometimes more demanding, and each always fulfilling.  The DNP (Doctor of Nurse Practice) is the degree that I have almost attained.  There is an understanding and an expectation that those of us who take this path are willing to take a leadership role in health care in our country (greatly needed) and for some of us even on a global level.  So learning balance is really part of the DNP Essentials that are at the heart of our practice.

If you read a lot on this subject of leadership, you will find many opinions, suggestions, and thoughts on character traits.  I am developing my own opinions and suggestions – and balance is foremost in my mind right now.  As much as I love nursing I am still a mom, a daughter, and well, I do have a personal life (maybe?). Balance becomes very important; knowing when to let one facet of your life take center stage for a moment and the other areas move stage right or left…not forgotten…just not center stage…the Balancing ‘Act’…pardon my pun!  So, I keep balancing; keep moving forward, and keep anticipating what’s down the road ahead of me.

What’s up next?

Ahhh… the dissertation!  Yes, the final stages of writing before Form & Style Review with my committee, and then the FINAL DEFENSE of my doctoral project. So the road continues and I am excited to discover what is ’round the next bend!


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