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Kuti mwatemwo kuya ku Zambia?

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11204407_10205183240594396_951837032187979444_nWould you like to go to Zambia?  I am very excited to lead (yet follow) these young women to Zambia and discover what nursing is like in another corner of the world.  I think before I go any further I should mention the one male figure in the group!  Thank goodness for great colleagues, Mr. Alan Huesing is taking my group out, so that I can stay behind and watch one of my daughters graduate; I will be catching up afterwards!  I think we will make him an honorary nurse!

I anticipate great experiences on this journey.  I hope each one of these students make a connection with a nursing student in Chitambo while they ‘do’ clinicals together.  What a great opportunity to see what nursing school is like far from our own familiar campus in East Texas.  I look forward to the opportunity to lecture and listen to lectures from Zambian faculty and doctors. I can’t wait to experience life in a place so different than my own home and meet the people who live in Zambia.  Oh yes, and Victoria Falls…AND a safari!

There are GREAT things in store for us on this journey and I look forward to sharing as we go. Follow along!

Tukamonana limbi (See you later)

Rebekah/Dr. G

One thought on “Kuti mwatemwo kuya ku Zambia?

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