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Three days later…

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I started the following post as I prepared to leave for Zambia.  This was 3 days ago… much has happened with 2 days of travel and 1 day in the hospital, but now that I have a moment with internet, I will share my thoughts as I left the USA, and catch-up in my next blog!

Three days ago:

Today, I begin the journey to Zambia to join my students!  These young women have already immersed themselves, not only into a new and different culture but also their calling to be a nurse!  I was thrilled to hear, first-hand yesterday morning, about their experiences in just a short time.  They have made home visits to help individuals with needs both physical and spiritual, they have led over 200 children in Holiday Bible Club (in one day).  On Monday, the day was filled with giving young children and babies immunizations, providing medications to men and women in hospitals and assessing patients.  One student had the opportunity to go out on transport – I look forward to hearing about the rest of this story.

I do believe it is a calling to be a nurse and these students feel this also.  I hear it in their voice as they describe their day and I read it in the words they write as they journal their encounters.  There is much responsibility in this calling, and a commitment to learn and grow as a professional.  How nice to be able to take the classroom around the world!

Rebekah/Dr. G

P.S. – Oh so much more in the next post!

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