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A nurse’s hands…

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We completed our week at Mary Johnston Hospital and the students had an incredible time. There is much to share about their experiences, and I will, but first I just have to brag a little. These students are awesome! I would say 99% of all nursing students begin their first clinical experience just a little anxious about what will happen. How will it be to interact with the patient? Will they know I am just starting? Will I know what to do? It’s normal; it’s expected. But that’s in an environment that is familiar. Slightly different story here and they embraced it. There is a nice list of skills they now have done in a setting that is not like home. 

These tasks they learned require the nurse to express her knowledge and compassion through the use of her hands – the art of nursing! There is dexterity needed for carrying out procedures and tasks and equally important the discernment to know that all that is needed from the hands of a nurse is a kind touch.  These students illustrated that so well this past week and I cannot wait to see their hands reach out this week in a new place and a new nursing adventure. 

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